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5Mx19mm Double Stop Button Retractable Steel Measuring Tape

Item: SMT-17
Product Name: 5Mx19mm Double Stop Button Retractable Steel Measuring Tape

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Specification of 5Mx19mm Double Stop Button Retractable Steel Measuring Tape

  • The tape have double stop buttons.
  • Moveable hook, accurate for internal and external measurement.
  • Stainless steel lining piece on blade  end, impact resistance.


5019 5m*19mm 60 16/14 46.5*28.5*18.5
5519 5.5m*19mm 60 17/15 46.5*28.5*18.5
7525 7.5m*25mm 48 19/17 41*33.4*20.5
8025 8m*25mm 48 20/18 41*33.4*20.5


Features of 5Mx19mm Double Stop Button Retractable Steel Measuring Tape

  • Certificate: EEC, MID, CE
  • Polyester film steel tape (lacquered steel tape or nylon coated tape blade) is more wearable in the using, and extends the life of the entire blade for corrosion resistance.
  • With the measurement indicators on the measurement tape, bold black scales large numbers with white or yellow background for the blade is easy to read.
  • With steel hook tip (also called hooked tab) at the end of the tape.
  • The 1-Inch blade is bend resistant and very straight even if the tape is stretched too long and too many times, not be deformed easily
  • Smooth and optimized internal mechanism and heat-treated spring provides long life and smooth blade recoil.
  • Great stopper button gets you the correct measurement.
  • Tape measure with stop button mechanism, making the blade mouth never broken and more durable.
  • Shockproof housing design. Anti-skid ABS and soft TPR case protects the inner tape from impact. Non-slip plastic and TPR with special texture, not easy to fall and be damaged.


Steel Tape Measure Blade


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What is A Short Self-retracting Steel Tape Measure

A short steel tape measure or steel measuring tape is a flexible ruler and used to measure distance.

It consists of a metal blade with linear-measurement markings, pocket protective case, stopper button, belt clip, end hook and hand stripe. It is a common measuring tool.

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Tape Measure Accuracy

When it comes to precision work, tape accuracy is a key factor and is determined by standards set by the European Committee, which divide the category in three classes according to their level of accuracy.

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Precautions for Self-retracting Steel  Tape Measure

  • Measurement must be ruled with flat straight, in order to maintain measurement accuracy.
  • Do not give this product to children alone

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