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15m - 50m Long Oil Steel Dipping Measuring Tape with Ground Wire

Item: LOMT-X02
Product Name: 15m - 50m Long Oil Steel Dipping Measuring Tape with Ground Wire

Eastern is a professional factory specialized in manufacturing wide range of oil gauging tapes, plumb bobs, and accessories.

  • Ground wire length: 1.2m.
  • Material: ABS handle,  aluminium case flame, steel tape, brass drop.
  • Color: white aluminium flame, black ABS handle.
  • Specification: 10m/33ft, 15m/50ft, 20m/66ft, 25m/83ft, 30m/100ft, 50m/165ft.
  • Logo: Eastern. accept OEM.
  • Three types of blade:
    a)  Polymer resin painted stainless steel tape blade in white color.
    b)  Black oxide stainless steel tape blade (black etched blade).
    c)  Stainless steel etched  tape blade.
  • Standard drop (plumb bob): S24mm hexagonal brass bob, weight 350g. brass drop (brass weight), also make the drop according to customer's inquiry.
  • Two side graduation tape blade, one side is MM graduation and another side is inch graduation.
  • Heavy duty aluminium frame.
  • Material of stainless steel tape is 0.20mm, material of white and black tape is 0.18mm.


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Features of Long Oil Steel Dipping Measuring Tape with Ground Wire

  • Eastern oil gaugeing tapes are strong and durable with a corrosion resistant frame. The frames come with safety handle with grounding wire and clip.
  • Easy operation.
  • The oil tapes with black oxide blade and stainless etched blade are oil and acid resistant.
  • The oil gauging tapes made of stainless steel have accurate calibration and strong corrosion resistance.
  • Oil gauge tape blades have an abrasion and chemical resistant coating.
  • Anti-static materials are used for ruler frame, handle, core wheel and ruler drop.


The core of the oil measuring tape, back cover, crank, and handle are all metal. The shake handle part use all metal anti-expansion system, and recycle blade is fast and smooth. The oil gauging tape is equipped with an electrostatic discharge wire. The hook of the plumb bob and the connecting point of the tape blade can rotate freely and does not get stuck, and the plummb bob digital scale is clear.


Blade Types Available for Eastern Oil Sounding Tapes

White or Yellow Polymer Resin Painted Stainless Steel Blade (Lacquered Steel Blade)
Black Oxide Stainless Steel Blade (Black Etched Blade)
Etched Stainless Steel Blade


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Flat or Sharp Brass Drop (Copper Weight, Plumb Bob) for Oil Gauge Tapes

Plumb bob material: stainless steel or brass (copper) , Drop shape: flat or sharp hexagonal.

Application of Oil Sounding Tape Measure

Explosion-proof oil tank measuring gauging tape are widely used for oil mining industry

Oil tape is suitable for measuring the liquid level height or depth of petroleum and other liquid products in various containers, such as oil tankers and oil storage tanks. It is also suitable for measuring the depth of water level at the bottom of containers.

Package for Oil Gauging Tape  

One piece in plastic bag, then in a color inner box, 10pcs in one export carton.


Specification Packing Information
Qty/ctn G.W./N.W(kgs) Meas.(cm)
15m/50ft 20 22/20' 47x33x27.5
20m/66ft 20 24/22' 47x33x27.5
30m/100ft 20 27/25' 47x33x27.5
50m/165ft 20 35/33' 47x33x27.5



Accuracy of Oil Measuring Tape
Accuracy of Oil Measuring Tape Package of Oil Gauge Tape



Innage Oil Gauging Tapes and Outage Oil Gauge Measuring Tapes

There are 2 oil tapes to manually measurre the level of liquids in a large container using an oil gauging tape – Innage or Outage.

There are three basic operations that are conducted by tank gauging tape:

  1. How much liquid is already in the container? (Innage)
  2. How much more liquid can be put in the container? (Outage)
  3. When the liquid is oil, how much water has displaced oil in the bottom of the container?


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