Tape Measures Can Be Amazing Promotional Gifts

A tape measure can be a beautiful and special gift for your family or friends. Nowadays, the promotional tape measure gifts are welcome used by free gift, advertisement and promotion activity. If you are preparing a tape measure gift and you want to make it elegant, you can also design a tape measure for your gift.

The case of promotional tape measure gift can be in many different shapes, such as round shape, square shape, or animals, leaf, car, fruit and so on. In order to be remarkable, the case should be with colorful color.  Here are some good tape measure gifts samples.



With the kind of tape measure, you can easy to know if you are overweight, obese or normal. It is called BMI tape measure gift.

The promotional tape measure gift with white rectangle case, have a key chain on the box.

The gift tape measure with square case holder, attached key chain on the tape measure case. There are a variety of colors such as yellow, red, purple and white.


The tape measure gift welcomed use to loose your fat. It is easy to know your latest body measure if you take this gift tape measure, it’s small and easy to be take into your pocket of your bag or pocket of your cloth.


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