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PVC Pipe Cutter

Item: JRF-PC-204
Product Name: PVC Pipe Cutter

JRF-PC-204 35MM 48 24.5/23 65.5X36.5X31
JRF-PC-204 35MM 50 25/24 73X33X32.5

Tools For The Proffssional
Revoke Quickly Use For Convenient


Apply to Water Pipe, Aluminum Plastics Pipe, Gas Pipe, Electrical Appliance pipe and other plastics pipeline. (Not to be applied on electric cable line cable line and steel pipe)

Abllty of cut off:
Normal pipe VP30
Water course pipe VW30 Scope of out 35mm
Electrical appliance pipe VP35

When product used in winter,The pipe would be put in the Lukewarm water for
heating ar first.to avoid burst because for cold and fragile at cutting.If the
edge of a cutter appeared wear and teer atusing.loose the fixed screw and buy
the same type of pipe blade for change after using,we should push down the handle and spread on rustproof oil.Product apply to rigid plastics pipe or Aluminum plastics pipe,but not to be applied on electric cablelie and steel pipe to avoid to cause cutter damaged seriously.

High Quality Blade
3 times longer life

Method of use as follow:

1.Press the open button with thumb.according to the picture1.
2.Put the pipe diameter below42mm in cutter,push down handle
repeatedly,forthwith cut off.
3.After cutting,clean the blade with rustproof oil.close the handle for ready use nest time.

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