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Crimper/Stripper Plier

Item: JRF-CSP-302
Product Name: Crimper/Stripper Plier

JRF-CSP-302 9" 72 21/20 41.5X31X36

*Cut and clenly strips any electrical wire From 10 to 22 gauge
-Insert tiop of wire into marked holes to determine the Size of the wire to be stripped
Squeeze the handle to striop easily and wothout nicking the wire
*Cut bolts and screws from xize 4-40 to 10-24.-When cutting sxrews it may be necessary to redress the screw.If a burr occurs after cutting,remove the burr with a fine file.
*Crimps both insulated and non-insulated ignition terminals.
*Tool has black oxide finish for rust resistance.
*Vinyl clad cushion griop handles insulate as well as provide comfort of use.
Shut off power before working on a circuit.use approved materials
and conform to all electrical codes.plastic handles are not intended
for protcgion against electrical shock.


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