Ultrasonic Distance Meter (Ultrasonic Tape Measure)

Ultrasonic distance meter (also called ultrasonic tape measure) is used for home fitment, project upholster,construction, real estate empolder and so on. It can measure inside and outside the room and some place where is not easy to approach. It has the simple structure, quickly and accurate to use. Moreover, it also can store measure date and calculate the area and volume.

The ultra-sonic distance measuring device (also called ultrasonic distance meter  or ultrasonic tape measure) measures lengths with astonishing ease and precision. It adds them at the press of a button, and calculates areas and volumes automatically. EN1005 can measure up to 15m (50ft), all ultra-sonic distance measuring device are quick and easy to use.

At present, Eastern Tape Measure offers 3 kinds of ultrasonic distance meter, they are EM56, EN1001 and EN1005 as follows:

Picture of ultrasonic distance meter Image of ultra-sonic distance measuring device
EM56 EN1001 EN1005


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