Buying Guide to Fibre Glass Tape

This is s simple guide of how to buy an appropriate fiberglass tape (fiberglass tape ) to meet your requirements.

A fibreglass tape is useful in a wide range of applications because of its unique features such as heat resistance, tensile strength, non-corrosive properties, flexibility and non-conductivity. A fibre glass tape allows mud, sand, and stone to drop from case. The flush folding handle allows for compact storage. Use the unique stake point design to post and measure alone.

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A fibreglass tape is used widely in all fields of industries, such as health care, automotive, electronics, transportation, aerospace and printing.

Depending on the application needs, the various types of fibre glass tapes can be selected. For high speed, overfill and underfill applications, use fiberglass reinforced tape, while for temperature resistance, high adhesion and abrasion resistant, use fiberglass cloth tape. To guide through confined spaces and cavities use fiberglass fish tape. For measuring tapes, fiberglass-measuring tape is a good option because of its greater tensile strength. In addition, you can also buy fiberglass mesh tape, fiberglass-casting tape, fiberglass reinforced tape and fiberglass insulation tape for various applications.

Some important parameters that must be considered before buying a fibreglass tape are:

  1. Application for which you need fiberglass tape.
  2. Dimensions of fiberglass tape: length, width and thickness.
  3. Operating temperature.

Features of fibreglass tape

1. Ideal for contractors and surveyors.
2. design allows easy cleaning of tape.
3. Long winder with easy grip knob facilities quick rewinding.
4. Heavy duty ABS case.
5. Protruding marker at the bottom of the case allows easy measurement of land.
6. Tapes are safe from electrical hazards.
7. Bold numbers for easier reading.

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