Overview of Aluminum Spirit Level

Aluminium spirit level from Eastern Tape Measure is used for the equipment assemble, verify, measurement, Lineation and measure horizontal and vertical on the project construction. There is 3 kinds products according to different material: cast iron levels, aluminium levels and magnalium levels. Our products are belong to aluminium levels.

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The professional and standard range is engineered to exceptionally high standards of reliability and accuracy.

An aluminium spirit level or bubble level is an instrument designed to indicate whether a surface is level or plumb. Different types of spirit levels are used by carpenters, stone masons, bricklayers, other building trades workers, surveyors, millwrights and other metalworkers, and serious videographers.

Types of Aluminum Spirit Level

There are different types of aluminum spirit level for different uses:

* Surveyor's leveling instrument
* Carpenter's level (either wood, aluminum or composite materials)
* Mason's level
* Torpedo level
* Post level
* Line level
* Engineer's precision level
* Electronic level
* Inclinometer
* Slip or Skid Indicator

A spirit level is also usually found on the head of combination squares.

Surveyor's Leveling Instrument

Tilting level, dumpy level or automatic level are terms used to refer to types of leveling instruments as used in surveying to measure height differences over larger distances. It consists of a spirit level in the above sense, mounted on a telescope containing cross-hairs, itself mounted on a tripod. The observer reads height values off two staffs, one 'behind' and one 'in front', to obtain the height difference between the ground points on which the staffs are resting. Starting from a point with a known (absolute) elevation, by repeating 'behind', 'front' and intermediate 'front' readings, (relative) height differences can be measured cumulatively over large distances and elevations can be calculated of intermediate points.

Carpenter's Level

A traditional carpenter's spirit level looks like a short plank of wood and often has a wide body to ensure both stability, and that the surface is being measured correctly. Embedded in the middle of the spirit level is a small window where the bubble and the tube is mounted. Two notches (or rings) designate where the bubble should be if the surface was level. Often an indicator for a 45 degree inclination is included.

Line Level

A line level is a level designed to hang on a builders string line. The body of the level incorporates small hooks to allow it to attach and hang from the string line. The body is lightweight, so as not to weigh down the string line, it is also small in size as the string line in effect becomes the body; when the level is hung in the center of the string, each leg of the string line extends the levels plane.

Engineer's precision Level

An engineer's precision level permits leveling items to a greater degree of accuracy than a plain spirit level. They are used to level the foundations, or beds of machines to ensure the machine can output workpieces to the accuracy prebuilt in the machine.

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